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thank you parents

 A HUGE "Thank You" to everyone who attended our Family Math Night on 2/23/17. 

our manipulatives

Why use math manipulatives? Here are five reasons for using manipulatives to make math come alive.

  1. Math Manipulatives help make abstract ideas concrete.
  2. Math Manipulatives lift math off textbook or homework pages. 
  3. Math Manipulatives build students' confidence by giving them a way to test and confirm their reasoning.
  4. Math Manipulatives are useful tools for solving problems.
  5. Math Manipulatives make learning math interesting and enjoyable.

For the complete article, visit Scholastic's Parent and Child Magazine. 

math tools

kids talk math
Asking Good Questions

To help you with specific questions to ask about math... Print This!

From Math Talk 101 by Genia Connell at Scholastic's Teaching Blog

Mathematical practices posters

Print these wonderful posters from Debbie Waggoner for home use. These practices help children make sense of math problems and persevere at solving them. 

math tools

Math Vocabulary Terms

Print or view these math dictionary terms from Creative Mathematics to help add valuable vocabulary to your home Math Talks.