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Principal's Message

We have completed our first month of school, and with the support of our team of teachers, support staff, and you, our parents/guardians, we are off to a great start.  I am excited to begin our second year together working in partnership to ensure that are students are actively engaged in a learning environment that provides academic rigor while developing social and emotional skills.  We realize that it is important for our students to be able to achieve academic success as well as be able to collaborate and communicate in a diverse learning community.

This year we will continue to provide authentic and innovative learning opportunities for our students.  Our teachers are involved in ongoing professional development that enables them to be highly skilled and effective so that our students are successful.  They work together as a team sharing best practices to enhance their ability to achieve student success.  We believe that we can achieve student success through an educational program that provides our students with the opportunity to use critical thinking.  Our efforts to ensure the development of our students’ social and emotional success is based in part with the use of our Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) system.  Students are encouraged to do their best by following our school’s behavior expectations of being Respectful, Orderly, Prepared, and Encouraging. Their demonstration of our school-wide behavior expectations will help to ensure their overall success academically and socially.

Our families are the special piece of our team that helps ensure a successful school year.  As we begin this school year, we invite you to be involved in our school.  We want and need your help.  Our doors are open for your support with: (1) School Committees, (2) Field Trips, (3) Teacher Support, (4) School Events, (5) School Safety, and (6) PTA, to name a few.  Please contact our administrative support team at (909) 947-5545 or stop by the school office for a Volunteer Application.  We look forward to having you join our team here at Ranch View.

Thank you once again for your continued support and for the privilege of being able to educate your child.  Here’s to another great year!

Adrena Edmonds








Ms. Adrena Edmonds, Principal
Ms. Adrena Edmonds, Principal