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Principal's Message

It is hard to believe that the end of a school year is upon us.  As we say, “Goodbye” to this year, I want to extend my gratitude to all who have helped us to experience a wonderful, productive year.  It is because of our “Team” efforts that our students have had a rich school experience.

To our fantastic parents, guardians, family and friends, your endless hours of volunteering and unwavering support on every level possible to do whatever necessary to support our students is to be commended.  We thank you for all that you have done this year.

To our phenomenal District, our Superintendent, Dr. Moss, and his awesome staff, and to our extraordinary School Board of Trustees, President, Mr. Ronald Newton, and his compassionate cabinet members, our sincere thanks to you for providing us with the guidance and resources to be successful.  Your behind-the-scene boost of support and words of encouragement along this year’s journey has helped to assure us a great school year.  We are forever grateful and appreciative.

To our dedicated team of administrative staff, teachers, para-educators, proctors, cafeteria workers, maintenance/operation workers and PTA, thanks to the endless hours and devotion that you have given to ensure that our students achieve academic success and develop into responsible and caring members of our community.  Thanks, and well done to you, an amazing team of dedicated professionals. 

To our dynamic students, we thank you for your hard work throughout the school year.  You have worked hard this year to show me that you are the best by being respectful, orderly, prepared, and encouraging.  I am honored to be your principal.  It is with great pride that I can say that I am the principal of such great students like you.  Thank you for always doing your best to be the best.

And last but not least, to our magnificent fifth-grade students, we wish you the best as you continue your educational journey.  May you go on to be the examples of high achieving students and positive role models.  We will certainly miss you.  As you go your way, remember those individuals at Ranch View who have touched your life in a positive way and always strive to utilize the important lessons that you have learned.  We wish you much success and a journey filled with happiness.

Together, we are a Team of Fantastic, Phenomenal, Awesome, Extraordinary, Compassionate, Dedicated, Amazing, Dynamic, and Magnificent individuals.

As we phase into the summer, Enjoy it until its end.

Your Principal

Adrena Edmonds

Ms. Adrena Edmonds, Principal
Ms. Adrena Edmonds, Principal